This modular system comprises of Elmich Vertical Greening Module (VGM) each encasing a VGM bag containing a predominantly soil-less lightweight planting media (EnviroMix GW), metal support frames and anchoring pilasters. All products have P.E.certification and using 100% recycled polypropylene with UV stabilizer.

Vertical-Greening-Module Vertical-Greening-Module-2


Planting Media Enviromix, a soil-less lightweight planting media incorporating a mix of natural silica and lime-based minerals with proprietary additives in the VGM bag of non-woven geotextile fabric. Large media volume and proprietary additives allow use of a wide variety of plants and ensures its sustainability
Hanging System Proprietary stainless steel pilasters and mounting frames. Pilasters require minimal penetration of the supporting wall and enables easy mounting and dismounting of the VGMs. Anti-lift arms are used to secure the VGM against the pilasters to prevent accidental dislodgement or lifting of the VGM during extreme wind conditions
Design Feasibility Plants are inserted into modules to form a pattern
Pre-Grow Yes
Irrigation System Drip auto system . Every 2 plants will share 1 drip head
Light-Weight Weighing in at less than 80 kilograms per square meter, it is light enough to be hung on the wall or even suspended in the air
Maintenance Easy to install and dismount modules makes for easy plant replacement