Green-Wall-Felt-SystemFelt system green wall is the vertical greenery system by the renowned French botanist, Dr Patrick Blanc who is also the inventor of man-made vertical gardens in 1980s. Known as Le Mur Vegetal in French or Patrick Blanc vertical garden, this lightweight reinforced polyamide felt bestows flexible design for seamless forms and shapes for space of any size. The felt is rot proof and its high capillarity allows good water distribution.

Felt System Singapore


Planting media Soilless
Hanging Structure Water resistant stiff backing material hung on a wall or self-standing
Design Feasibility Material is suitable for tapestry style designs which can be wrapped over odd -shaped surfaces
Versatility Suitable for any scale of project both indoor and outdoor. The size of the green wall can be as huge as a curtain wall enveloping a building or as small as a 300mm X 300mm picture frame. It can be used as a permanently fixed feature or as portable, demountable wall hanging feature
Pre-Grow Not required as planting is in-situ
Light-Weight Weighing in at less than 30 kg per sqm, it is light enough to be hung on the wall or even suspended in the air
Irrigation System Drip auto system with emitters on every 250mm c/c horizontally to maintain the felt in moist state, similar to a hydroponic system