Rain Garden

Vegetated land depressions designed to detain and treat stormwater runoff. Runoff is filtered through densely planted surface vegetation and then percolated through a prescribed filter media.

Can be installed at various scales and shapes – in planter boxes, retarding basins or integrated with streetscapes, ‘standalone’ soil filtration systems.

Bioretention Swales

Designed for surface water treatment with gentle gradient and temporary ponding to facilitate infiltration. Runoff cleansed. Filtered water conveyed to downstream waterways.

Widely applied and form as attractive streetscapes.

Bio-Pond / Eco-Pond         

This acts as a natural filter to treat rainwater runoff and serves as a eco-habitat for flora and fauna. Rainwater is harvested and reused for irrigation. Complemented with wetland plants, this encourages public to take a natural trail to appreciate the body of water with surrounding fauna such as dragonflies, birds and butterflies.