Our light-weight and high performance green roof systems are widely applied for both intensive and extensive gardens on roofs. Extensive green roof has lightweight sedum vegetation comprising of drought tolerant plant species that minimises maintenance works at the rooftop. This rooftop green offers a slew of ecological, economic and social benefits as well as part of stormwater management strategy.

Roof Components

1. Root Barrier : Prevents roots from penetrating the roof membrane
2. Protection Mat : Protects roof membrane from sharp objects and retains rainwater for plants
3. Drainage Layer : Retains rainwater for dry periods and drains surplus water
4. Filter Sheet : Prevents fine particles from being washed into the drainage layer
5. Growing Layer : Engineered growing medium based on minerals and organic material
6. Plant Level : Accommodates a variety of vegetation based on climate, landscape design, load bearing requirements and desired benefits to building owners and communities


GreenRoof-2 1.  Turf, ground cover and plants
2.  Planting Soil
3.  Coarse sand (if required)
4.  Geotextile filter fabric
5.  VersiCell modules
6.  Waterproofing membrane
7.   Roof deck