Whether for green wall or green roof, our green solution service offerings include an integrated solution package of Consultation and Design, Installation, Maintenance.


Consultation and Design

We begin with an initial meeting at the project venue for a site analysis and understand how the desired design can be crafted to harmonise the surrounding environment.  Our designer will propose a feasible green wall and living roof system after taking into consideration environmental influences such as natural light available, exposure to wind, rain that directly affects the growth and health of the lush landscape. The next step is plant selection based on its characteristics such as colour, texture, pattern and size for visual impact and species suitability for the growth environment.


After the design concept, our qualified project team will ensure timely construction with adherence to safety requirements.  The selected vertical garden system structure will be fixed followed by a manual or automated irrigation and fertigation system, both supplying desired amount of water and nutrients to the plants. An appropriate lighting system adjusted with required spectrum will serve as artificial light for plant health as well as visual visibility. Lastly, pre-grown plants are used depending on selected green wall system for that instant verdant garden.


We offer a comprehensive period or routine maintenance programme that ensures the green wall and rooftop garden stays as functional and beautiful.  The services cover pruning, plant health check, irrigation system, fertigation regimes to ensure optimal functionality, checking the outlets for blockages, removing any vegetation from fire barriers, replacing nutrient and sick plants, fertilisation, clean filter and water quality check .