Green wall helps to shield ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun and acts as a shelter against the rain. It also gives a protection over thermal fluctuations, extending the life of the building.

Green wall plants function as  bio-filters to remove pollutants, purifying water; plants functioning as water recycling. The plants (leaves and microorganisms in the roots) have an appreciable air cleaning function and polluting gases and particles settling on the plants will be absorbed or slowly degrade to become fertilizers.



  • Improve Air Quality
  • Reduce Carbon Emission
  • Ameliorate Urban Head Effect
  • Curb Stormwater Run-Off
  • Noise Attenuation
  • Boost Property Value
  • Increase Usable Space
  • Higher Employee’s Productivity


Energy/Resource Efficiency


  • Lower Indoor Temperature
  • Reduce Energy Cost on Building Cooling
  • Harness rainwater for water needs
  • Provide a therapeutic communal space
  • Reduce Reflective Glare


  • Serve as a Living Art
  • Cover Unsightly Structure