Vertical-Garden-SingaporeGreen architectural design is becoming a prevailing green building trend in Singapore’s vision to transform into a sustainable liveable city. Smart design for green homes and offices has incorporated environmentally friendly landscape elements such as living green wall, green roof and stormwater management; echoing global green movement practices.

This green building concept differentiates the property visually while it helps to create a cleaner air and lush environment for any living space, both indoor and outdoor.  The global green awareness and higher contemporary living standards have driven the demand for a green solution approach and to achieve a green mark certified accolade for their properties.

Green Wall

Vertical Garden SingaporeVertical garden or Green Wall is essentially a wall, either free-standing or on a building, that is covered with vegetation. This gravity defying innovative creation serves as an alternative planting option in land scarce urban space. Nature Green Solution offers the options of a customised or DIY green wall of any height dimension, with choices of different systems to suit one’s green living style.

Green Roof

Green Roof Singaporegreen roof or living roof is a building roof that is partially or completely covered with a lightweight growing medium, specific plants over a waterproofing membrane with good drainage system. This extensive or intensive rooftop garden is a sustainable green solution to minimise stormwater run-off and energy cooling costs. Our light-weight, high performance system not only protects the waterproofing membrance of roof top, its thermal insulation properties also help reduce energy consumption thereby minimise urban footprint.

Stormwater Management Solution

Stormwater Management SingaporeSustainable stormwater management has gained importance in green building design aligned with Singapore’s reputation of a City of Gardens and Water. With two-thirds of the island as water catchment areas, the national water agency, PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters design features such as rain garden, bio retention swale and eco-pond are innovatively integrated to green building construction. These features are designed to treat stormwater runoff, facilitate infiltration and serve as eco-habitat for flora and fauna, promoting biodiversity.